Thursday, February 18, 2010


Figures that the day after I posted a blog about waiting....

I got my purple email!!! :)

I am officially an Attractions cast member arriving June 7th, 2010!

SOOOOO excited. I will do a vlog once I get my purple folder. But YAYYYYYY!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

waiting.... and more waiting... and more waiting...

So. I'm procrastinating my history reading, and don't feel like studying for a quiz for my night class.... and I realized just how BAD I am at updating blogs.

Anywho. Today marks 4 weeks since I applied, and 3 weeks from my interview. And the only thing I've heard from Disney was a thank you email a few days after my interview.

Seeing everyone else getting accepted, even some people who have interviewed after me, is a little bit disheartening, but I'm still staying positive. No news is good news, right? Also, it seems like the majority of the acceptances have been into Merch or Attractions, which while Attractions is my 2nd choice, not very many people have gotten into Costuming yet. So I still have hope! And now it seems like more and more people are getting accepted into a more variety of roles, so I'm hoping my email is in the next batch of emails. :)

In other disney-related news, one of my friends from Gettysburg applied! She's a business major, planning on going to grad school for event planning/hospitality, and applied for Hosp, Concierge, and VP. Her interview is on Saturday, and I'm really happy! She's doing Fall, not FA, so we can't room together (boo), but it'll still be awesome to have her down there! She had applied for a PI in event planning two summers ago and got it, but unfortunately had to turn it down because she could not do the dates offered to her. So I'm hoping she'll get in!

In non-disney related news, school is starting to get intense. I'm a horrible procrastinator (hence this entry, as I have 75ish pages of reading and a 5 page critical review due tomorrow which I haven't even started, and an environmental studies quiz in 2 hours that I haven't studied for yet... oops?), but the semester is in full swing, and it's all starting to get hectic and crazy. My history thesis is beginning to come into fruition (eep), and theatre rehearsals becoming more and more frequent.

Hopefully once I get my email from Disney I can stop being anxious and nervous and start buckling down on school work, since I will know my immediate post-grad future will be set. ((HAH, this won't happen, as I will just be wanting to go to Florida instead of being in school, lol))

Well. That's enough rambling from me. Congratulations to everyone who got accepted (<3 to my dfam!), and good luck to everyone who is waiting and interviewing!!