Wednesday, December 2, 2009

1st post!

*waves* Hey everyone!

I figured I should start one of these blogs... and decided to procrastinate real work by doing so!

I'm Laura, and I'm currently a senior at Gettysburg College. I'm a history and theatre arts double major, and will be graduating in May.


I'm applying for the WDW College Program for the Fall Advantage 2010!

I have always wanted to do the CP, but it never fit into my schedule and I really wanted to graduate in four years. Plus, I decided to study abroad one semester already, and the CP just didn't work out. BUT, I figured I'm postpone the real world for a bit, and do the CP :)

My first choice in roles is Costuming. Being a theatre person, particularly a backstage theatre person, Costuming seems like the best fit for me. Filling out my top 3 are Character Attendent and Attractions.

Sooo... that's basically it for now. I'll eventually make a vlog as well (I may actually shoot it tonight, haha), but since I'm sorta video and youtube-illiterate, it may take some time to be uploaded. And it won't be fancy or anything, I stink at technology... lol

OH! I'm on Facebook (/martla01), and I'm in the FB group. Plus I'm on the DISboards too (DisneyGirl421). :)

Well that's about it for now... I probably should do at least some of my homework, since it is after midnight now... :)