Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Two months!!!

I guess I should update this blog every once and a while, yes? lol

Two months from today, I will be IN florida! Most likely meeting up with other june 7th arrivees and my roomies :) SO exciting.

I booked my autotrain tickets and hotel a few weeks ago. On June 5th, me and my dad will be driving down to Lorton, VA to catch the autotrain, which is an overnight train to right outside of Orlando. The night before check-in, we are staying at the Saratoga Springs resort. I will be napping by the pool basically alll day, lol.

I've found my roomies on facebook, 5 girls who seem like they will be awesome roomies! :) We are hoping for a 3-bedroom in Chatham.

In other non-CP news, I have 3.5 weeks of classes left. EVER. Unless I decide to go to grad school. But the biggest thing is history thesis is due a week from tomorrow. HOBOY. But after next wednesday, it's alllll downhill from there. Senioritis and Disneyitis will take over my life, haha
Also, me and my friends finally solidified Senior Week plans. From May 8th-13th, we will be in Rehoboth Beach, DE! Woooot. And then on May 16th, I graduate. :)

2 months and counting!! So exciting and I can't wait!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Roommate survey!

Hello all! I figured I should update this blog...

So, I'm officially arriving on June 7th. As of right now, I don't have a roommate. I have two girls who I want to be apartment-mates with, but no actual roomie. So I'm filling out this nifty survey. So anyone 21+ who wants to live in Chatham, comment!!

NAME: Laura
HOMETOWN: Toms River, NJ
MAJOR: History & Theatre


ROLE AT DISNEY: Attractions




NUMBER OF ROOMS/ROOMMATES: most likely 3 bedrooms

I COULD NOT LIVE WITH A ROOMMATE THAT...is disrespectful of my stuff and the complex rules


DO YOU DRINK? Yes I do. I'm 21, and in my last semester of college, so you do the math, haha.

DO YOU SMOKE? Nope. I don't mind if you smoke perse, but if you are gonna smoke, don't do it in the room.

DO YOU LIKE TO PARTY? Yes. I don't particularly like the big huge crazy frat-like parties (although every once and a while they are fine). I just like friends hanging out around the apartment, music on, maybe games. and if alcohol is there, it's even better. :)

MEDICAL CONDITIONS? allergies (pollen), sinuses, and I have Lupus.

MESSY OR TIDY? more on the messy side, mostly when I'm busy. And that mostly means I don't put clothes/shoes away, so they are all over my floor at times. I usually keep the public spaces (kitchen/bathroom) clean though.

DO YOU LIKE TO COOK? Yeah. But mostly just enough to get by. Pasta, pizza, etc... easy stuff. I do make great stromboli though! Oh, and I love Italian food, so thats mostly what I cook. I bake a lot too... I'm a stress-baker. so we will have freshly baked cookies or brownies every couple of weeks, haha :)



FAVORITE CHORE? swiffering. and I don't mind dishes so much, as long as the dishes are disgustingly gross.

LEAST FAVORITE CHORE? toliet and shower. its gross. but i will do it...


WHAT TIME DO YOU USUALLY GO TO BED? usually midnight-1am ish, sometimes later. but much earlier (11ish) if have an early shift.

WHAT TIME DO YOU WAKE UP ON FREE DAYS? 10-11ish. I like to sleep in, so at times i can sleep until noon or later, but I try to get up by 10:30.

I PREFER TO SLEEP IN A ROOM THAT... dark and quiet. white noise (like a fan) is fine, and a desk lamp on is ok if i go to bed before you, but mostly, I like it dark.


THREE WORDS THAT DESCRIBE YOU: trustworthy, friendly, crazy (in a good way!)

ONE GOOD QUALITY: i'm a good listener. I don;t give great advice, but i will let you rant to me!

ONE BAD QUALITY: horrible procrastinator. i work well under pressure, so starting to write a 15 page paper at 7pm when its due the next day at 4pm is no problem for me! ((4 years, and I have YET to pull an all-nighter too!))

FAVORITE FOOD: Italian. I LOVE pesto sauce. Gnocchi pesto I think is my favorite. Strombolis are amazing too.

5 FAVORITE BANDS/SINGERS: wow, I don't think i can just pick 5. I have such a diverse music taste (basically anything besides rap and some country, plus my obsession with broadway musicals, haha). I guess right now, I'd say Kris Allen, Lada Gaga, The Fray, Sara Bareilles, and Carrie Underwood. Plus my musicals: In The Heights, Hair, Ragtime, Wicked, Les Miz.

5 FAVORITE TV SHOWS: right now: Glee (omg!love), Firefly, Greek, NCIS, Boy Meets World

5 FAVORITE MOVIES: again, I can't pick just five! they change so often, but right now: Dead Poets Society, Newsies, Becoming Jane, Serenity, Up

5 FAVORITE BOOKS: Harry Potter series (counts as one, haha), Angels in America, Twelfth Night, The Crucible, August: Osage County. Yes, the last four are plays.... lol

HOBBIES: theatre, singing, reading, history, movies, writing, friends


FAVORITE MOVIE: Up right now. But I love Beauty and the Beast, Hercules, Pocahontas, and Aladdin too.




FAVORITE PARK: Hollywood Studios


FAVORITE SHOW: Fantasmic, Illuminations, or Beauty and the Beast

FAVORITE RESORT: Beach Club, GF, or Boardwalk

FAVORITE RESTAURANT: Le Cellier. I loved Spoodles, but its no longer there :(


WHAT ARE YOU MOST EXCITED ABOUT AT DISNEY? living in disney, meeting new friends, networking, making the most out of this experience before going to the real world

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Figures that the day after I posted a blog about waiting....

I got my purple email!!! :)

I am officially an Attractions cast member arriving June 7th, 2010!

SOOOOO excited. I will do a vlog once I get my purple folder. But YAYYYYYY!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

waiting.... and more waiting... and more waiting...

So. I'm procrastinating my history reading, and don't feel like studying for a quiz for my night class.... and I realized just how BAD I am at updating blogs.

Anywho. Today marks 4 weeks since I applied, and 3 weeks from my interview. And the only thing I've heard from Disney was a thank you email a few days after my interview.

Seeing everyone else getting accepted, even some people who have interviewed after me, is a little bit disheartening, but I'm still staying positive. No news is good news, right? Also, it seems like the majority of the acceptances have been into Merch or Attractions, which while Attractions is my 2nd choice, not very many people have gotten into Costuming yet. So I still have hope! And now it seems like more and more people are getting accepted into a more variety of roles, so I'm hoping my email is in the next batch of emails. :)

In other disney-related news, one of my friends from Gettysburg applied! She's a business major, planning on going to grad school for event planning/hospitality, and applied for Hosp, Concierge, and VP. Her interview is on Saturday, and I'm really happy! She's doing Fall, not FA, so we can't room together (boo), but it'll still be awesome to have her down there! She had applied for a PI in event planning two summers ago and got it, but unfortunately had to turn it down because she could not do the dates offered to her. So I'm hoping she'll get in!

In non-disney related news, school is starting to get intense. I'm a horrible procrastinator (hence this entry, as I have 75ish pages of reading and a 5 page critical review due tomorrow which I haven't even started, and an environmental studies quiz in 2 hours that I haven't studied for yet... oops?), but the semester is in full swing, and it's all starting to get hectic and crazy. My history thesis is beginning to come into fruition (eep), and theatre rehearsals becoming more and more frequent.

Hopefully once I get my email from Disney I can stop being anxious and nervous and start buckling down on school work, since I will know my immediate post-grad future will be set. ((HAH, this won't happen, as I will just be wanting to go to Florida instead of being in school, lol))

Well. That's enough rambling from me. Congratulations to everyone who got accepted (<3 to my dfam!), and good luck to everyone who is waiting and interviewing!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Interview time!

I had my interview today! It was at 2pm, and lasted 17 minutes. Rhonda was my recruiter. She was awesome, I loved her. :)

I think the interview went really well. She could tell I was really excited about the program too.

Questions I was asked:
+ Why I want to work for Disney. I made her 'aw' when I said I have known I wanted to work for Disney since I was 4, when I met Mickey and Minnie for the first time in WDW. :) And when I told her I was pursueing my dream of working for Disney Theatricals, she was like 'oh, awesome! I'd love to work for them!'
+ She asked about past work experience, and if I have handled cash before
+ She went over my list of roles, and asked me my two top choices, which are costuming and attractions.
+ For costuming, she asked if I was ok with the no guest interaction thing, as well as handling soiled laundry.
+ For attractions, she asked if I was ok with spieling. Which I had basically answered in my job experience question, since I have worked in a public speaking-heavy job before.
+ She also asked what my favorite park was and why.
+ She then asked about living with roommates, and if conflicts arose how I would handle it
+ Asked if I can adhere to the Disney Look

Then she asked if I had any questions, and I asked about the June arrival date for the Fall Advantage. I explained that I knew that there has been June dates in past years, and because I am graduating late May, I wanted to know if there will be June dates, and since I;m not on a quarter semester schedule, I'm not eligible for the FAQ dates. She didn't give me a solid answer, but said the recruiters will work with me, and if none of the FA dates work, I potentially will be able to do the FAQ dates.

Then she just made sure my email was correct (which it wasn't, lol. they left off the ending 'g' in gettysburg, lol), and that I would hear back in 4-6 weeks. She said she had a great time talking with me, and to enjoy my day. I then told her to have a magical day! :)

whew. It's over! YAY. Now the waiting game is gonna be torture, lol. and now, off to do homework. :)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


*takes big breath* APPS WENT UP TODAYYYYYYYY!!!!!

So excited. I was actually rather nervous on the web interview, and sometimes hit the 'next' button and realized I had contradicted myself, but oh well. I PASSED!

And I get to call tomorrow morning to schedule my phone interview. But AHHHH!!!

I was in and out of the chat (still in the chat now actually, *hey guys!*) throughout the whole e-presentation, application, and web interview process, which was fun. And the chat seriously exploded with a bunch of people. So excited to start meeting more people!

Now comes the nerves and waiting for the phone interview, then more waiting to hear if I'm accepted, then even more waiting till I get to start the CP.

But I'm also kinda a bit overwhelmed right now. I have officially applied for something that is happening AFTER graduation. Which means it is totally hitting me that I graduate in May. And after the CP, won't be returning back to Gettysburg. *starts freak out session*

Ok. enough of me freaking out about the G-word. I won't be mentioning that word much anymore or else another freak out session will occur.

ANYWAY. YAY for apps coming out and applying and such. I'll post a vlog tomorrow after I get my phone interview time. :)

Happy applying for those who haven't yet, and congrats those who have!!


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

1st post!

*waves* Hey everyone!

I figured I should start one of these blogs... and decided to procrastinate real work by doing so!

I'm Laura, and I'm currently a senior at Gettysburg College. I'm a history and theatre arts double major, and will be graduating in May.


I'm applying for the WDW College Program for the Fall Advantage 2010!

I have always wanted to do the CP, but it never fit into my schedule and I really wanted to graduate in four years. Plus, I decided to study abroad one semester already, and the CP just didn't work out. BUT, I figured I'm postpone the real world for a bit, and do the CP :)

My first choice in roles is Costuming. Being a theatre person, particularly a backstage theatre person, Costuming seems like the best fit for me. Filling out my top 3 are Character Attendent and Attractions.

Sooo... that's basically it for now. I'll eventually make a vlog as well (I may actually shoot it tonight, haha), but since I'm sorta video and youtube-illiterate, it may take some time to be uploaded. And it won't be fancy or anything, I stink at technology... lol

OH! I'm on Facebook (/martla01), and I'm in the FB group. Plus I'm on the DISboards too (DisneyGirl421). :)

Well that's about it for now... I probably should do at least some of my homework, since it is after midnight now... :)