Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Interview time!

I had my interview today! It was at 2pm, and lasted 17 minutes. Rhonda was my recruiter. She was awesome, I loved her. :)

I think the interview went really well. She could tell I was really excited about the program too.

Questions I was asked:
+ Why I want to work for Disney. I made her 'aw' when I said I have known I wanted to work for Disney since I was 4, when I met Mickey and Minnie for the first time in WDW. :) And when I told her I was pursueing my dream of working for Disney Theatricals, she was like 'oh, awesome! I'd love to work for them!'
+ She asked about past work experience, and if I have handled cash before
+ She went over my list of roles, and asked me my two top choices, which are costuming and attractions.
+ For costuming, she asked if I was ok with the no guest interaction thing, as well as handling soiled laundry.
+ For attractions, she asked if I was ok with spieling. Which I had basically answered in my job experience question, since I have worked in a public speaking-heavy job before.
+ She also asked what my favorite park was and why.
+ She then asked about living with roommates, and if conflicts arose how I would handle it
+ Asked if I can adhere to the Disney Look

Then she asked if I had any questions, and I asked about the June arrival date for the Fall Advantage. I explained that I knew that there has been June dates in past years, and because I am graduating late May, I wanted to know if there will be June dates, and since I;m not on a quarter semester schedule, I'm not eligible for the FAQ dates. She didn't give me a solid answer, but said the recruiters will work with me, and if none of the FA dates work, I potentially will be able to do the FAQ dates.

Then she just made sure my email was correct (which it wasn't, lol. they left off the ending 'g' in gettysburg, lol), and that I would hear back in 4-6 weeks. She said she had a great time talking with me, and to enjoy my day. I then told her to have a magical day! :)

whew. It's over! YAY. Now the waiting game is gonna be torture, lol. and now, off to do homework. :)