Wednesday, January 20, 2010


*takes big breath* APPS WENT UP TODAYYYYYYYY!!!!!

So excited. I was actually rather nervous on the web interview, and sometimes hit the 'next' button and realized I had contradicted myself, but oh well. I PASSED!

And I get to call tomorrow morning to schedule my phone interview. But AHHHH!!!

I was in and out of the chat (still in the chat now actually, *hey guys!*) throughout the whole e-presentation, application, and web interview process, which was fun. And the chat seriously exploded with a bunch of people. So excited to start meeting more people!

Now comes the nerves and waiting for the phone interview, then more waiting to hear if I'm accepted, then even more waiting till I get to start the CP.

But I'm also kinda a bit overwhelmed right now. I have officially applied for something that is happening AFTER graduation. Which means it is totally hitting me that I graduate in May. And after the CP, won't be returning back to Gettysburg. *starts freak out session*

Ok. enough of me freaking out about the G-word. I won't be mentioning that word much anymore or else another freak out session will occur.

ANYWAY. YAY for apps coming out and applying and such. I'll post a vlog tomorrow after I get my phone interview time. :)

Happy applying for those who haven't yet, and congrats those who have!!


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