Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Two months!!!

I guess I should update this blog every once and a while, yes? lol

Two months from today, I will be IN florida! Most likely meeting up with other june 7th arrivees and my roomies :) SO exciting.

I booked my autotrain tickets and hotel a few weeks ago. On June 5th, me and my dad will be driving down to Lorton, VA to catch the autotrain, which is an overnight train to right outside of Orlando. The night before check-in, we are staying at the Saratoga Springs resort. I will be napping by the pool basically alll day, lol.

I've found my roomies on facebook, 5 girls who seem like they will be awesome roomies! :) We are hoping for a 3-bedroom in Chatham.

In other non-CP news, I have 3.5 weeks of classes left. EVER. Unless I decide to go to grad school. But the biggest thing is history thesis is due a week from tomorrow. HOBOY. But after next wednesday, it's alllll downhill from there. Senioritis and Disneyitis will take over my life, haha
Also, me and my friends finally solidified Senior Week plans. From May 8th-13th, we will be in Rehoboth Beach, DE! Woooot. And then on May 16th, I graduate. :)

2 months and counting!! So exciting and I can't wait!

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  1. Rehoboth Beach?! My best friend lives in Dover and we totally went there twice while I was visiting her over Spring Break! How funny!